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Here is some actual real news straight from Charles Cardello on his Bifocal Media website:

Manchild 5
Hello Folks! First and foremost I'd like to let you know that Brian Walsby's MANCHILD 5 (book) will be out on Bifocal on January 25, 2011. This one documents the 1980s punk/ hardcore scene in Raleigh, NC. Along with tons of photos and Brian's infamous comic art; this one is also packed with interviews and stories about events that went down in Raleigh from 1982 up to around 1990. If you are/ were into bands like COC, Bad Brains, No Labels, Days of..., Honor Role, etc, then there's a story here for you. This is an amazing documentation of how the underground worked in the 1980s. Think bands, fans, punk houses, traveling, scene drama and DIY mentality at its pure, unadulterated peak. Remember life before the internet? Remember when you discovered punk rock? Remember when the only videos on MTV were from bands like Winger and the Bullet boys? If so, this book may be for you. If you don't, here's your opportunity to immerse yourself in another universe. This was our generation's version of a viable counterculture filled with timeless music and a tireless DIY ethic that lives to this day.

Lumberjack/ Mordam distribution went under in 2009. This cost us and a bunch of other great labels and artists a ton of time, money and grief. We were lucky enough to have been picked up by Redeye Distribution and they've done a wonderful job getting our goods to the people who want them. And the beat goes on...

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