Monday, January 17, 2011


You can place a pre order for it now if you would like..and don't forget to check out that Melvins t-shirt that I designed. The link is:

And here is some glowing praise that would make a mighty fine press blurb or something like that:

"Came home after a two hour walk through the icy streets of Winston, ready to take a major hot bath. Found MANCHILD 5 waiting at the mailbox. Needless to say, I dove into the bath with my book. The pages dry pretty quick and the cover curls quite nicely; and do I give a shit? What d'you think. MANCHILD 5 is one of those tomes full of everything you ever wanted to read about music. I was transported back to my teen years curled up with an SST or Subterranean catalog for hours, deciding what to spend this week's lunch money on. It's Maximum Rock & Roll and Flipside all rolled up into one beautiful volume on the North Carolina hardcore scene. (If only the print came off on my fingers like MRnR.) These things are made to be used, passed around, referenced and crammed in the pile of ever shifting importances beside your computer until it's a ragged out pile of dog-eared pages. After only five pages (hardly a tenth of the book), I had to stop and contact Brian immediately. I think he's right in hoping someone writes another volume on the period from 1982-86, but I'm throwing my chips in with MANCHILD 5. It's told the way this story should be told, first person. This isn't Walsby rambling on about conceptual threads that hold a scene together; I've done that and it's always missing something. I think it's the multiple voices bringing their own insights, vocabulary and humor; which one writer can never truly capture. Instead, this is Brian sharply editing together the words of the people who lived it. The people who did it. The people who were there. All this embellished with his righteous cartoons and buttload of rare pictures. Anyone interested in the NC/HC scene need long nor look no further; it has arrived. The story you've always wanted to read, and will never be told any better. This book gets my unconditional endorsement. It's only $12, shipping included. You could blow that picking up a snack at Subway. Dude! Get Manchild 5 or you're a freaking poser! And from where I come from...that still carries weight."

- sam hicks (author of How North Carolina Got It's Punk Attitude)

Here is another pretty nice review of the book:

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

podcast interview last October!

Hear me run my mouth in Chicago about the new book, COC, Double Negative, what a genius Brian Wilson is, Mike Love and other important topics. Held by Paul from G-Mart Comics and pals..all of us are quite funny, I assure you.

Thursday, January 6, 2011


Thanks to Brian Reed for writing a flattering review on the new book, and you can read it here:

photo of Woody Weatherman taken by Will.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011


Read on, kids: