Saturday, May 26, 2012

MANCHILD 6 IS OUT. it is, kids. The new MANCHILD. For right now it is available through little old me. Below is a little "press blurb" and after that shameless self promotion there is the link to my regular site for purchasing.

After finally being suckered into fatherhood with the birth of his daughter Willow, Brian Walsby finally says, “goodbye punk rock, hello ad...ulthood” with the release of MANCHILD 6. Joining the ride is new publisher Will Butler of To Live a Lie Records. Will somehow believed in Brian enough to spend his own money on someone who obviously is out of touch, has betrayed the scene (any scene, take your pick) and has more or less moved on. Or has he?
Despite the nonstop demands of diapers, real life responsibilities and taking the six year old Noble to school most of the time Brian has still somehow found precious time in coming up with new work. Filling out MANCHILD 6 are exclusive interviews straight from Brian’s blog (INTROVERTED LOUDMOUTH) from the last couple of years with lengthy interviews with Richmond’s TANNON PENLAND (LOINCLOTH), Raleigh’s own incredible songwriter KENNY ROBY, The split personality of SCOTT RADINSKY (PULLEY, TEN FOOT POLE, SCARED STRAIGHT) , guitarist for the DESCENDENTS and ALL STEPHEN EGERTON and a lengthy tour diary on the road with MELVINS right before Willow was born. Lots of good reading.
So if you are at all interested in punk rock, fatherhood, MELVINS, potshots at people who deserve it, Mad magazine type satire and all of the other things that Brian Walsby is known for, MANCHILD 6 is a must have and a fine addition to a growing collection of hard work.

the link:

Friday, May 18, 2012


Here are some concrete things to look forward to:

MANCHILD 6 is just around the corner. I will announce the arrival pretty soon.

I get to go out on the MELVINS LITE fifty shows in fifty days tour in September. It will be insanely hard work but it will be great. I intend to bring a few things to sell specifically for the tour:

Two new MELVINS posters, one being a continuation of the NEW MUTANTS idea and one for a sequel to my BASEBALL FURIES t-shirt awhile back. At least one hundred each, all numbered.

And I will be bringing a extremely rare and homemade book, each numbered. There will be a different cover for each one to boot.

Pretty exciting! There will also be some semblence of music too but we'll see about that one.