Monday, January 21, 2008


yeah, I do look on the internet for reviews..I'd re-print bad ones, too:

Brian Walsby and Melvins? And you haven't ordered it yet?!, January 10, 2008
By Jon C. Yates "entheogeneticist" (Anaheim, CA United States) - See all my reviews

Brian Walsby is my favorite working comic artist, bar none. Imagine Harvey Pekar with a little less misanthropy, replace the jazz with the best punk bands that ever existed (those SST cats, especially) and you have some idea of what Walsby accomplishes, but a simple lazy hyphenated "like-blank-crossed-with-blank-minus-blank" does the guy no justice. From band profiles to a diary of his time spent with Melvins on their 2006 tour to original work that proves he is equally adept at humor as well as more somber fare, Manchild 3 is a perfect starting point to dig this guy's work- biting humor, stellar taste in tunes, and a drawing style that is like what you tried to convey in the notes you'd pass back-and-forth during physics class in high school, only way, way better- what's not like? After reading this, I immediately ordered the first two Manchild volumes and I'm waiting with baited breath for number four.

On top of all the great comics contained within this tome, it comes packaged with OZMA-era demos recorded by the mighty, mighty Melvins from Walsby's personal collection. If that doesn't have you adding this to your shopping cart, you haven't a soul.

Speaking of no soul, one of the most satisfying aspects of this book, for me at least, if that Walsby is unafraid to take on the sacred cow who is Mike Patton. Following Walsby's example, I finally have the courage to stand up to my nerdy music geek friends and say "ramming a microphone down your throat and screaming...doing a weak eYe Yamatsuka impersonation, over stale funk-metal is NOT genius! Burping into a tape recorder in a hotel room is NOT genius!" And don't even get me started on Peeping Tom.

Thanks John! So far Mike Patton hasn't kicked my ass yet, I'll let you know if he does..

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