Tuesday, September 2, 2008



After another power meeting held today, the affable Charles Cardello has given the greenlight on MANCHILD FOUR. We are at the start of this whole thing and ad rates haven't been decided yet, but if anyone wants to advertise in it, please drop a line and we'll pencil you in, and of course we will let you know what the ad rates will be in due time. It is never too early to drum up interest, right? Right.

MACNHILD FOUR will also boast another cd that will be slipped inside. It will be some sort of dual release consisting of some recent live MELVINS music as well as something from DOUBLE NEGATIVE. Again, details are slim at best for right now but this is what we are aiming for. All of the artwork that will be included so far is ninety percent new with a few surprises.

Anyways, just trying to spread the word. Thanks to all - Brian

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