Thursday, October 23, 2008


I twisted the arm of computer genius (and frontman of..ahh you know who) Kevin Collins to put Pay Pal links of all of the things that I am selling, like all three of the MANCHILD books and the MANCHILD t-shirt.So now you will never have to go to my horribly outdated website ( again to buy any of this stuff.

So scroll down and check everything out on the right side of this blog.

Also, the horribly outdated website will be dealt with soon enough. I am debating just pulling the plug on the whole thing because to me it seems to make more sense having everything that I am about in one place but Kevin thinks that there is a lot of potential. Since I can't really seem to ever get in touch with the affable fellow who built it for me years ago, I think I will let Kevin take a crack at it. Anyways, there will be some changes going on for that fairly soon.

I have also upped the prices a tiny bit for a few things since it was killing me financially to offer the books at these rock bottom prices, especially sending anything internationally.


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