Saturday, January 3, 2009

contents of Melvins cd included in the next MANCHILD.

Here is the cover..

The new MANCHILD book will be called MANCHILD FOUR wih the extra special clever sub title RIDING THEM COAT TAILS thrown in for good measure.

The MELVINS cd will be all live, taken from two shows. It is meant to be called PICK YOUR BATTLES.

Here are the contents:

Live at Gilman St in Berkely California 2/4/89:

Koolegged, Oven, Cranky Messiah, Raise A Paw, Ever Since My Accident, Green Honey, Claude, Your Blessened.

Live in Boston, 8/9/08 :

Nude With Boots, Kicking Machine, Eye Flys, Rat Faced Granny, The Hawk, You've Never Been Right, Boris.

Fifteen songs. Good sound quality, really good selection..should be good.

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