Monday, March 23, 2009



On Friday April 10th, there will be a showing of some of my work at Chapel Hill's WOOTINI. Here is a link to go to their website if you are interested:

It will be up for a month. There will be original paintings and artwork for sale plus all of the MANCHILD books as well as a few special items, mainly the Jer Warren/Brian Walsby silkscreened posters of the following "icons":

Greg Ginn
Kira Roessler
Milo Aukerman
Dinosaur Jr.
D. Boon.

Jer has ran twenty-five prints of each subject. Five of which will dropped off for Wootini. Ten of each will be put aside for the Tir Na Nog show. The other ten?

The other ten will be kept for selling via the internet. When the time is right, there will be an announcement from Jer about selling them, and once they are gone, they are gone.

five woodscreens of the five people will be on sale at Wootini.
each poster will be on sale for fifteen dollars each.
five complete sets of all five posters will be put aside and offered for sale as a special deal.

The other special item are the D. Boon t-shirts.

Made from the same drawing also used for the silkscreened posters, this bearded D. Boon image looks really cool on a red t-shirt. Only thirty of them have been made, I took one for myself, Charles took one for himself, and that leaves twenty-eight left to sell at twenty bucks a pop. Here is what we have size-wise:

8 small
12 medium
6 large
2 xtra large.

They will be on sale at the Tir Na Nog show, and then the rest will be up for grabs afterwards.
If anyone wants one online, it would be twenty dollars plus postage to get it to you. Once these are gone, they are gone. Contact me if you are interested and I will put one aside for you.


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rich ivey said...

really into that shirt. i'm going to need one.