Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Like I have said at least a million previous times, I am a freelancing illustrator and I am also not very sentimental about a lot of the art I have done that has ended up in my MANCHILD books, so If there is anything that catches your eye and you would like to own a page or two, it is up for grabs. And if you have any illustrating needs for your band, club, cd cover or whatever, I am your man. Plus I still have those Jer Warren/Brian Walsby silk screened posters featuring my renderings of: Greg Ginn, Kira Roessler, Milo Aukerman, Dinosaur Jr and D. Boon. Fifteen dollars each plus postage.
Please contact me at: reluctantking@hotmail.com
In the works for the future:
MANCHILD 5 (probably next year at the earliest), DOUBLE NEGATIVE’s second album called “Daydream Nation”, another road experience working for the MELVINS late this summer, and a couple of new t-shirt designs.

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