Thursday, August 6, 2009


Things have been pretty exciting in the Double Negative camp these days..we have been writing a bunch of new material out of nowhere. All of us (except for Kevin, who has his hands even fuller then usual what with Erectus Monotone playing those reunion shows) have been writing. Even me. Usually we wait for Scott to show Justin something who in turn shows me what Scott showed him and then we have a song. Not anymore. I have had a few songs, Justin has had a few songs, Scott has had a few songs and we all re-write everyone’s songs. We have enough new material, not counting the odd song on a single here and there for the proposed DAYDREAM NATION second album. Twelve new songs. We will be tightening up the songs and then finally FINALLY record them. I can honestly say (although I know everybody says this) that this will be at least ten times better then the first album. There is some different stuff going on, a real progression. Really. And even though it has been a long absurd time this will be worth the wait.
DAYDREAM NATION will be released on album courtesy of Sorry State Records. If Sorry State deosn't want to do a cd version of the release, we will probably have Bifocal Media release the cd version. I guess we shall see.
Also, Ryan Adams is starting a record label. Details will be announced as soon as Ryan gets it together to make a website but there will be a single with two songs released on his label. One of the songs is a slowed down version of one of our other songs and the best part is, it sounds like a completely new song. The other will be a surprise.
Here are most of the song titles you can expect to see staring back at you from the cover of the second Double Negative album, DAYDREAM NATION:

Voice Recognition
Beg To A Vile Nude
Endless Disappointment
Impatient Out
Emergency Rooms
Near Birth Experience
Discovery Machine
Knife On A String
Side Three
Super Recourse

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