Thursday, November 19, 2009


i miss this band.

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Alex said...

Being that i am 17, my opinion holds little weight in this matter, but i bet it was really cool back in the 80's in how diverse everything was. I see flyers of shows with bands as diverse as minutemen, black flag, husker du, and descendents. None of those bands bear many similar musical qualities but they all share a punk rock background, and they were all labeled as 'hardcore'.
It kinda bums me out that if i go to a hardcore show nowadays, most the bands will sound very similar. I am not saying that they are carbon clones of each other, but at shows like no way fest, a lot of the bands start to blend together in my memory because of their lack of music diversity.
I really wish there were more bands like big boys, being outside of the box and doing shit like mixing punk and funk. So awesome.