Sunday, July 8, 2012


And we also have not one but two ALL with second vocalist Scott Reynolds and one with current singer Chad Price. The PULLEY shirt also came out quite are the "press blurbs" for both shirts:

ALL, like the DESCENDENTS, are sort of a musical institution. Bill Stevenson (drums), Karl Alvarez (bass) and Stephen Egerton (guitar) have been playing together since the dawn of time. Together these three have created a sound that is often imitated but never duplicated. Throw in the oddball prog or heavy music tendencies and you have ALL. Even though these three sometimes have one Milo Aukerman behind the mike as the DESCENDENTS, ALL is on a similar path with any of thier three singers that they have had. These two shirts boast two of the band's different singers, the much loved Scott Reynolds and the equally great Chad Price. Each shirt is thematically similar but there are differences (hair length, wrinkles, etc etc). The DESCENDENTS shirt that we did last year went over very well and we are hoping that the ALL shirts will strike a similar chord in people.

A few of the gentlemen in Ventura County's longstanding band PULLEY are longtime friends of mine from waaay back. Both singer Scott Radinsky and guitarist Mike Harder were in SCARED STRAIGHT. I guess this dates us all. I wanted to do a PULLEY shirt because They’re a great band with a great attitude.They’re goal as a band is to have fun and they’re not trying make a living playing music. All things considered they have gone pretty far with that attitude. They have loads of fans all over the world who don't mind going nuts over a band who is only active part of the year. In the world of fickle music fans and short attention spans, PULLEY have pulled off the impossible.
This BAD NEWS BEARS: BREAKING TRAINING parody goes along quite nicely with Scott Radinsky's day job that he has held down for uh..a little while now.


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