Friday, November 2, 2012


Here is some feedback from this post:

I usually refrain from posting comments; but, i could not in this particular case. Simply because your band blows, and you never received any of the notoriety Green Day has, and you have not because, again, your band blows, as do your musical abilities, in no way gives you the right to condemn Billie Joe. When you do, you come across as bitter, and in my opinion, quite jealous. Commenting on their band name is also ridiculous as you named your band after a horrible male name. Oh, that was clever. I wonder how you would have acted if you were in his shoes. But then again, since your band blows, i suppose we will never know. Stick to writing blogs for your three fans, and stop trash talking Green Day as well as Billie Joe.

This is the reason that so few people actually seek help with their problems.

Trevor Dunn is trying to make the news in the most cynical way possible, by attacking someone for seeking help.

These comments about something that can be very serious are not only callous, but also very atagonistic to other people that may suffer from substance abuse issues, or battling depression, or one of a number of other issues that have such a social stigma attached to them.

Please consider the fact that you don't have all the information about what is happening, and stick to making 'music'

This guy sounds like a JEALOUS teenage girl....SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!!!