Friday, July 10, 2009


As it was told to me today by my publisher, The distribution company that distributes his labels product LUMBERJACK MORDAM is shutting down their operations. Here is a cute li’l e-mail sent out all over the internet by the head honcho Dirk Hemsath , who doubt is hiding out somewhere trying to not get killed:

"At this point LMMG will not be able to continue to provide distribution services for labels. We had hopes for the last several months that we'd be able to find a way to move forward but the triple hits of an expensive merger, a dying business and a bad economy have made it impossible. We are hoping to be able to get some money to labels, but I'm not sure how much or when as we have to try and collect money from customers."

Here is an even more awesome little blurb that I found while trying to figure out what this actually means. It sort of caught my eye:

“A number of the labels were left with $30,000 - $50,000 in unpaid invoices, an amount that can be devastating for a small label.”

Then luckily, I discovered that Charles wrote something himself on for what it is worth:

I run a label that has worked with Lumberjack for more than 10 years. Needless to say, we're still in shock over this mess and we were pretty blindsided by the entire disaster. It has taken us over a month just to get the digital issues resolved and we're out of a ton in unpaid digital/ physical sales. It's a huge, heartbreaking mess for all the labels and tons of artists who were involved with LMMG.

For what it's worth: Lumberjack (up until around 3 months ago) has always been very good to us. They always paid us and they even fronted us money to get the label going in 1998. Once Dawn Marshman left (around 16 months ago) things started to change a bit. By May 2009 they were down to only a few employees and we finally got the call that they were going to "stop distributing physical product". We didn't know they were going to stop sending us checks for products they had already sold. This is a real bummer considering we just put out book/cd release for Brian Walsby and the Melvins that cost us a ton of money to produce. We definitely feel betrayed and a bit disheartened that someone we've worked with since the late '90s would keep us so in the dark about their financial downfall while encouraging us to work with them on a huge title like this. I'm sure this whole thing will be quite entertaining to watch from the outside as lawsuits start to pile up and the rumor mill starts churning. I hope this provides a bit of insight into what we're dealing with on the inside.


Charles Cardello

Hmmm. I really didn’t need any of that money anyways! No one I am sure does! None of us did anything anyways. It’s cool, bra!

Stay tuned for (probably) more details.

You can’t download a comic book,
Brian Walsby


Skillit said...

fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck that. sorry man.

Justin said...

Oh man, what a pain in the balls.

Does this mean there will be a special Brian Walsby "I got fucked by LMMG" fundraiser poster? If so, I hope it features a giant lynch mob fronted by Brian, Dale, & Buzz hunting Dirk down with torches and pitchforks. Seriously, I'd pay $50 for that.

Now It's off to Dirk's LinkedIn page to politely inquire about his current whereabouts.