Sunday, November 16, 2008


I am pretty excited, because I got the green light for the next musical contents of my next book, MANCHILD 4.

We are going to do another full album length MELVINS cd, this time we will be focusing on two shows to pick from, one of which is from a show in Boston on the band's last u.s. tour that Toshi (Big Business) recorded, and it is pretty smoking. It is very likely you will hear some brutal live versions of "Eye Flys", "Boris" and a handful of new songs from the Buzz/Dale/Jared/Coady lineup of the band.

The real goodie is a show recorded at (of all places) Gilman Street years and years ago with the fabled Buzz/Dale/Lori lineup. This is historically significant due to the fact that it almost chronologically follows the previous "Making Love" demos that were in MANCHILD 3 material wise; more songs that eventually ended up on the record OZMA and (to me at least) were actually better versions, like the versions of "Oven" and "Koolegged". You can almost hear a pin drop between songs, as if the people watching just didn't know what to make of the assault, which was actually par for the course back then.

Put it all together, and you'll have a really neat all live MELVINS cd, and another fine addition to their massive catalog.

Sadly, the idea of having this cd become a split between the MELVINS and DOUBLE NEGATIVE will not happen due to a small assortment of reasons. Maybe next time.



James said...

You're spoiling us, Brian, you wonderful cartoonist you. I can't wait!

Justin said...

Wow! At this rate I wouldn't be surprised to see Manchild #5 packaged with a Melvins DVD and a fresh hot burrito.

Way to kick ass.