Sunday, May 31, 2009


I realize that some people out there are wondering what happened to DOUBLE NEGATIVE, and why that second record that was promised almost a year ago still doesn’t exist, and also why we are entering “Boston 2” and “Necros Tangled Up” territory in the delayed release sweepstakes.

Well, a lot of stuff. But some of it is sort of too embarrassing/personal to go into right now, and then some other stuff is you know..real life and being in your forties and having a house, kids, getting married, opening up a restaurant and all of that. That is what the four members have been up to in the last year.

At some point this year, WE WILL record our proposed “Daydream Nation” album, and at some point IT WILL come out on a record label. We just don’t know when. Also, the collective band is finally breaking out of the hardcore ghetto a wee bit with some different sounding stuff that is still going to be ugly and neat sounding. We have two finished new songs that are sort of a departure and need to pen a few more of said songs of departure before we can honestly say we are ready. I can assure you (I hope!) that it will be worth the wait. “Daydream Nation” is going to completely stomp all over our first record.

So….stay tuned. There will be a split single with BATTLETORN released very soon on Volcom Records. Our side has three songs, one of which makes its debut on record.It sounds real good. We will also be playing two shows next weekend in the Atlanta/Athens area courtesy of Henry Owings of Chunklet fame. Here is the flyer, maybe we'll see you there:


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damn straight. that is at least a song title.