Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Joe Henderson is a guy that used to take a lot of photos at punk shows that I used to go to back when I was still living in California. His photos graced the pages of both FLIPSIDE and the underrated but really important INK DISEASE. I recently got in touch with him to see about getting permission to use some of his photos for MANCHILD 5. Luckily he agreed. He took some photos that ended up being used for the inside sleeve of COC's Animosity album. I am sure his work ended up being used in other bands records too. Anyways Joe is a nice guy so I thought I would re-print a few of them..all of these were taken by Joe and if you want to contact him you should. His e-mail address is printed on his pictures.

Rites Of Spring playing at the 930 club in DC in the summer of 1985. I wasn't at this show. Photos from this show were included in the pivotal Flipside issue about Revolution Summer, the coined phrase for the post punk scene happening up there around that time.

COC in Baltimore in the summer of 1985. I went to this show. Marginal Man and SNFU also played. It was a real hot night. I stage dived, which is something that I never do at all...

7 Seconds at the Sun Valley Sportmans Lodge in 1984. I went to this show and even drew the t-shirts that the bandmembers are wearing. Rob Demko can be seen on the right of Kevin Seconds. My, how young we all were!

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Anonymous said...

Heartthrobs from Reno !
You drew the shirts, and I redrew them when I drew a pic of Kevin when I was about 13 . . . BOING !