Saturday, March 12, 2011


Pretty soon there is going to be a brand new website coming out called BRIAN WALSBY.NET. Charles is working on it and so far it looks really great. Awesome I might even add. There will be as ton of information as well as links to the books I have out that you can still buy as well as the t-shirts we have done. If that wasn’t enough, we will also have some 24 by 36 prints of some of my work available for purchase too. When it is actually ready, I will let the universe know.

In other news, next up in our t-shirt schedule will be one for the hardworking residents of Venus, VALIENT THORR. This shirt will be ready probably by the end of next week. So look for that as well.

After that we will be doing a small run of HONOR ROLE t-shirts followed by CORROSION OF CONFORMITY. As of this writing there is still maybe 12 or so MELVINS shirts left and the DESCENDENTS one is still available.

Double Negative will be opening for OFF! At the local 506 in Chapel Hill March 23rd. This will probably be my last show with the band for awhile as I am sitting out the bands upcoming summer tour and the boys need to break in their new drummer for that event.

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