Monday, March 14, 2011


As of right now, I am no longer in Double Negative for a couple reasons. This has been a hard decision to make but I am stepping down mainly because I do not have enough sufficent time to devote to the band and all of the things that the band could do in... the future. I didn't know just how much time I could devote to it given the situation of my life now with two kids and a surgery for Willow on the horizon but this seems to be the right thing to do.

I would like to thank everybody out there who has enjoyed the band. It was a special thing to me and the fact that we spent five years together is not lost on me. i feel like I played some kick ass music, we got a chance to go to all of these great places and travel all because of this band that we started on a lark. I am proud of what we have done and of our records. I feel like it got better and better, the newest stuff is the best stuff, and I feel like I am going out on top of my game. It meant a lot to me and I am going to miss it. I hope down the line I will be able to play music very soon again. Maybe I could be a session drummer or something, who knows.

I wish the rest of the band the best of luck in the future, and thanks again for your support.


Anonymous said...

thanks for all the great shit. good luck.

Anonymous said...

DN is great. New LP rules. You guys killed it live. You can walk away with your head held high. Good luck with your family and future.