Monday, June 20, 2011


Charles Cardello and his wife are about to have a baby! Congrats, guys!

Since Charles is going to be quite busy for the rest of his life, I am going to cast out my line to any would be publishers, actual publishers and other people who have money and also like me: i have a new idea for sort of a smaller book, along the same lines as MANCHILD 5 but with the focus being some of my better writing over the years, bookended with new artwork between the writings. There are interviews with all of the various people that I have talked to over the years, personal observations, slice of life stories and other little tidbits.

The idea would be to package it in a unique way, press up a small amount and also include something to listen to for fun.

Sounds good? Please drop a line if this appeals to you. Hell, it worked twice before.


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Anonymous said...

Make your own book and sell it on blurb...doesn't cost you a dime to make, and you set the price...might not be able to include music, but, fuck man, you could release 23 books next week and just start rakin' it in .