Saturday, June 18, 2011


Good question, kids. Mostly it is about getting people to spend some quality time checking out my work and me peddling my wares.

For instance, I have prints of my work available now. They are printed 24 by 36 and they look real good all blown up and stuff. Limited to thirty each, signed and numbered for all of those collectors out there.

We have been doing some t-shirts this year and so far they have done pretty good. We did MELVINS and DESCENDENTS shirts and those are about gone. Here are the three that are currently available:

The bands are Valient Thorr, Fucked Up and Honor Role.

And I have books out too. Five of them. Sadly, two of them are out of print. Here is what is available:

Manchild 5: Like Gold Down A Sewer is my newest book, a personalized oral history of all things Raleigh North Carolina related in the eighties. My fave book.
Manchild 2 is oddly enough the most consistent book as far as content goes.
Manchild 1: A Celebration of Twenty Years of Doodles is just that. A big book. Some "classics" are in here.

and oh yeah there are some links, downloadable artwork, and lots of mouth running too.

what is the link? Oh it is:

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Lecky said...

Hi Brian, thanks for the Screemo print, can't believe I got #1/30. It made an awesome Fathers day present, the sentiment sums up exactly how I feel about "those kids" haha.