Saturday, December 20, 2008


We went and flew to England to go to a small town called Minehead where we were to play at ALL TOMORROW'S PARTIES, this one being curated by the Melvins and Mike Patton. It was a rushed jet lagged pleasure, surreal and cold. Most of us have never been to England before.

The festival site was by the sea. It was fucking freezing all of the time we were there and the jet lag was immense, and that was strange considering that it was just a six hour flight to Amsterdam and a five hour layover there before backpedaling back over the English Channel to land in Bristol. hmm..maybe it wasn't such a shock how tired I was.

There were tons of bands there. I wish I could give you a blow by blow of what went down, but I can't because the truth is, I barely watched anybody play. Pretty lame I seemed like two or three songs by anybody was enough.

Our chalet was really nice. We had two between the four of us. We spent a fair amount of our time there, walking back and forth from the festivities back to our spacious quarters.

I spent most of Saturday in the merch trenchs sitting next to Henry from Chunklet, being entertained by his English friend Pete, (by far the coolest person we met over there.) and selling all of the posters and books that I brought. I signed some autographs and met some nice people. More importantly, I earned a living, a pretty good living for one days amount of work. Lots of young men with hoodies strolled by at one point, as you could see.

I was pretty happy about Saturday. Sunday night at two in the morning was when we played. We bid our time well waiting for our turn to play.

It seemed to go over well. It probably wasn't the greatest we have played, and the monitors were feedbacking constantly, but I think we did fine. It is not like anyone here has seen us before, so we were cool..some folks seemed to really REALLY dig it.

Afterwards we waited four or so hours before our taxi arrived at seven a.m. to take us back to the Bristol airport. We thanked Buzz for being so gracious as to include us beforehand and when we did fly over the Atlantic Ocean it felt like we were chasing a four hour sunset.

I am shocked at how little I really have to say about it, but all in all it was a fun rushed little adventure, we met lots of nice folks and played to a audience that I am sure mostly had no idea who we were and still seemed to like it. So, it was a immense victory.

thanks again to everyone we met over there. And tanks for the folks who bought my stuff. photos provided by Scott unless he gave the camera to Kevin or Justin....

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Geoff said...

Sounds very cool. Any idea when the new record's coming out? The new songs on the DN My Space are effing great, as usual.