Tuesday, December 16, 2008



In perhaps the funniest (in both meanings of the word) work project that has fallen into my lap recently, I have been hand picked as the artist for the upcoming album entitled NARDCORE 3. I didn't even know that there was a NARDCORE 2, to be honest.

To make a long story short, my old pal Tony Cortez of ILL REPUTE got in touch with me and explained that he was putting this together and not only that, but that Doug Moody of Mystic Records fame was involved! Tony was a really cool guy, and it was nice to hear from him. It was however, odd to think that Mystic Records was still around, let alone Doug Moody! He is like eighty years old, and still out there. Very odd.

Some of you might remember Mystic and Doug Moody..they put out a non stop onslaught of endless young thrash bands in the mid eighties, like SCARED STRAIGHT. Otherwise, I can assure you that we NEVER would have been able to put out a record, and SST wasn't going to be knocking on our doors anytime soon. Doug got a horrible reputation for ripping off his bands, and faded away into obscurity. But look, I am really sure that he wasn't depositing a cool half million dollars in the bank off of all of those Manifest Destiny and GRIM records. Call me crazy but that is how I see it.

The NARDCORE compilation was drawn by me years ago. But the version that you see here is actually someone tracing over the original with a black marker. True story! I remember getting it and being too mortified to say anything! Yikes almighty!

So I told Tony I would do it..sounded like a hoot..but that I wanted half of the money up front. He said he'd get back to me, and then he did. Doug Moody is going to do it. Which really is um...interesting.

Never in my wildest dreams would I imagine drawing another NARDCORE cover twenty five years later, or that Doug Moody was going to be involved. Have I landed on bizzaro world?


OBT_Dean said...

I just happen to be Dougs Mechanic and now his new web master. he is 84 and and as healthy and active as a 60 year old. Mystic Records is selling Collectable Vinyl, T shirts, etc. you can contact him at DMPRODX@aol.com or soon at http://mysticrecordshq.com
cant wait!! Dean

Hollywood Joe said...

Hello to all , I wanted to speak with Doug Moody....anyway to do so....?....please tell him Hollywood Joe is looking foward to seeing him again....thank you hollywoodjoe@usa.com

Lori Dubelyoo said...

How do people get in touch with you Brian? Your contact part of the web page doesn't work!