Tuesday, December 16, 2008





Contagium said...

So...if the moral was what made the original funny, that would mean the new version is not.Right?
Morals suck anyway.Glad to see you've lost yours.You should have had the cop steal the money and rape the punk fags while listening to the Exploited on his i-pod.Maybe someone who needs one could find a moral in there somewhere.

brian said...

well..maybe next time!

Justin said...

Moral quandaries aside, I'm enjoying the fact that the first one has a hurried Charles Schulz aesthetic while the new one has a Frank Stack vibe. It's cool to see how your style has developed.

Jason said...

Awww, I liked the moral myself. THINK & SET AN EXAMPLE! It's probably never bad advice really.

Still it's quite clear that the time has come for a return of those sentient bowling (pin/ ball) fellows who made omniscient comments regarding the "scene" circa '83 or so. The obvious twist is that NOW they're GRITTY & (perhaps?) FATALLY FLAWED! I can't really conjure up the details myself (an over-waxed lane? "Rock & Bowl Night" gone astray? Some kind of melt-down/malfunction concerning the automatic scoring mechanism which leads to the death or one or both sets of parents as well as the loss of innocent lives?), but done right this clearly could be bigger than when the Green Arrow's ward Speedy was addicted to smack. Relevancy is back!

Y'know it also might be time to see a "Secret Wars" battle between the crowds on the "Walk Together, Rock Together" cover & the "Oxnard" comp cover. Maybe it all goes down in whatever world the Scared Straight "Born to Be Wild" single occurs in? Special guest appearance by the "A Number of Things" Toasterhead guy?

Caveat #1: I was the guy who ran the original "Punk Rock Cartoons" comic & clearly can't be counted on for objectivity.

Caveat #2: A few bottles of wine are helping me do the talking here.