Monday, April 13, 2009


Well, it is officially out now. And doing quite well I might add, which is really great to hear. I would like to thank everyone who has already purchased my book, and if you are interested, you can buy it through Bifocal Media or through me. I don't have a link up yet either here or at the other website but if you want one of these, contact me at: and I will give you the info.

Also, I must say that I am really proud of the Melvins cd included, "Pick Your Battles". It catches the band at two peaks and I am really happy with how it came out. It is really great. If I can say so.

Anyways, thanks again, everyone!


jediroller said...

No, thank you. Book and CD are both really cool. I love the illustrated stories of all the bands you were in. And the merch table stories had me wondering if I ever was one of "these" guys.

Sean said...

Its great, they keep getting better. I got the 2nd one with my order so I'll be happy reader in the next couple weeks. Keep it up!


brian said...

thanks a lot for the nice words..I have heard that people thought this was the best one yet so I appreciate that.