Wednesday, April 1, 2009


from the archives of Emerald Wood: Stacy Sutherland playing in the 13th Floor Elevators 1967.

..taking a short break from self promotion, I have been on a 13th Floor Elevators listening binge right now. Yes, they were truly an amazing band and EASTER EVERYWHERE is such an amazing album, a incredible statement for sure. But I would like to give a little praise to the band's often forgotten lead guitarist and songwriter, Stacy Sutherland.

the band's third record BULL OF THE WOODS, doesn't seem to get the same love as the other two but in its own way it is also a great album, more of a Stacy Sutherland album due to the circumstances at the time. The creepy otherworldness of songs like "Scarlet And Gold" or "Rose And The Thorn" are just as great as the Roky Erickson/Tommy Hall material.

The man could really play. listen to how he bobs and weaves his guitar lines around the rest of the instruments, truly expressive and awesome.

here is "Rose and The Thorn" off of BULL OF THE WOODS, written and sung by Stacy. Try not to get acid flashbacks watching the psychedelic patterns unfold before your eyes.


Rev. Mike said...

It was a helluva way to die. Wish I could afford/justify that ridiculous 10 cd box set that is coming out.

brian said...

it certainly was. for some reason I always seem to go with the unknown struggling with demons/eventually dead talented musos. maybe it is too relatable! but ultimately he was a great player.

I am going to justify that box set financially somehow. somehow..

Rev. Mike said...

I almost feel bad for the people who ordered it months ago when it was first announced since the pound has dropped over the last two months to its lowest value against the dollar in many years. It seems they keep bumping up the quantity too, first 2000, then 3000, now 4000.