Wednesday, April 8, 2009


Just a little post to remind people out there that I will be having a art opening up at Wootini in Carrboro North Carolina this Friday evening, starting at 7 pm and going until..uh..whenever. I will be having a lot of stuff up to see as well as all of my MANCHILD books, those D. Boon t-shirts and those Jer Warren silk screened posters to boot. Come on out and say hello. And thanks to both Casey and Mike for their help.

After that, there will be a gathering at the nearby Reservoir where at least me and Charles will be on hand to watch a few bands play, notably The KICKASS (in some alga mated form) and another interesting band whose name I can't remember right now to save my life.

And on Saturday night, I will be trying my hand doing caricatures at one of those Carolina Roller Girls events. Wish me luck, kids!

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